Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a focal point in any room. Not only do pellet stoves emit the ambiance of a wood-burning stove without the hassle, but they also rival a wood-burning stove for the amount of heat they emit. Pellets stoves are a trusted source for heating in residential homes and businesses. Pellet stoves are like wood-burning stoves with a different style of fuel delivery. The main difference between a pellet stove and a wood-burning stove is that a pellet stove burns compressed wood pellets instead of firewood. The most popular reasons people opt to purchase a pellet stove is because pellet stoves:

  • Burn cleanly (no smoke smell)
  • Produce tons of heat
  • Require little maintenance
  • Easy to operate

Pellet stoves are relatively easy to operate. The pellets are stored in a hopper located at the top of the stove. The pellets are fed by an electric auger from the hopper to the burn chamber. The stove monitors the fuel supply with a sensor that tells the auger when to drop pellets. Typically, there are no more than a handful of pellets burning at one time. Don’t let the small fire produced by the pellets fool you, the pellets burn extremely hot. Pellets have traditionally not been affected by the sharp fluctuations of other fuel sources over the past decade. Pellets are available for purchase at many stores and are clean and easy to transport. Pellets are carbon neutral, that means the carbon released from the unit is absorbed by trees. This makes for a rather ironic circle of life.

No Chimney No Problem….

Your pellet stove can be installed almost anywhere as a chimney is not necessary for ventilation. Your pellet stove has a forced ventilation system that expels the smoke outside through a tube that is placed either horizontally or vertically from the unit.
If the thought of splitting, storing, and hauling firewood into your home is not appealing to you should definitely check out a pellet stove.

Visit our Showroom….

There are many styles and brands to choose from when adding a pellet stove to your living space. We would highly recommend you visiting our showroom to see the different models we have on display. Our knowledgeable staff we’ll be happy to help you understand the features and benefits of the products available. We can absolutely help you decide what model and brand will fit your needs.

Pellet Stoves

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are very fortunate to have access to one of the least expensive, while yet still one of the most efficient sources of heat; wood pellets. Heat your home with the touch of a button and maintain constant comfort with thermostat control. With pellet being one of the cleanest burning fuel sources, your concerns of battling bugs and hauling firewood are behind you.

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Wood Fuel

Nothing compares to the tangible heat, long burn times and crackling sound of burning real wood to heat your home. Bugs? Maybe. Splinters? Possibly. Efficient heat for your whole home? Absolutely. Bring this traditional heating method into the 21st century with any of our modern and advanced wood stoves. Efficiencies peaking over 90%, means you’ll burn less fuel, which means saving money, which in turn allows you to keep your focus where you want it.

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Natural Gas and Propane Gas

Gas. I said it. Get your giggles out now. Not to say that we didn’t laugh ourselves, because we most definitely did. However, Natural Gas, in this case, is actually referring to the most cost-effective method of heating your home. Most gas burning units allow for Natural Gas, (NG) or propane, (LP) burning. Heat your home with a remote-controlled unit, and instantly add character to any brick fireplace. (Beans sold separately)

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Hearth Pads

& Heat Protection